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It can be intimidating to sport a summer beard. Many men trim their beards in the spring, under the mistaken belief that it will make them warmer. As a proud beard owner for three years, I know that this is not true.

Here are six ASOS products that I have tried and tested for you to maintain your hair this summer.

My beard is prone to becoming unruly due to the texture of hair. Babyliss has a great reputation in the haircare sector, and its clippers are a godsend for giving facial hair a shape.Juicy Couture Women Suits Outlet The set was easy for me to use to reach all the difficult spots, and the razor created clean, sharp lines. This clipper is a cut above the others I've tried in the past (ba-dum chu).

Babyliss For Men Super Clipper Set, PS80

David Beckham knows how to look good. (Did you see him at that royal wedding? David Beckham has released a range of grooming products for men to look sharp from head-to-chin. The hair and beard oil from his House 99 line smells amazing and absorbs into my skin quickly. Becks, you're on the lookout.

House 99 Seriously Groomed Hair & Beard Balm, PS17

You'll be familiar with the fact that facial hair can have its own personality - a dry spot here, or a stubborn follicle there. This handy kit from Mr Natty is perfect for when your beard gets out of hand.Juicy Couture This little trio contains two beard elixirs that are super-hydrating and a moisturising cream.